Concerning Your Order

Fragrance Notes and Supplies: We compile every fragrance per order demand and that makes your order unique. This means we can adjust the strength of your fragrance upon special request. Your fragrance can be as strong as Eau De Parfum or as light as a Body's your choice.

But depending on your specific needs we require additional processing time to acquire various notes and organic essentials to make your fragrance uniquely yours.

Please be prepared for normal processing time of 7-10 Business Days as we do assemble each fragrance according to individual order requested.

Shipping options come into play after fragrances are completed and packaged for delivery. Shipping parameters concerning days in transition for delivery starts the day after order has been given a tracking number

Tracking numbers will be forwarded to the customer via sign up or data info gathered through the ordering processes.

In this, we ask for your patients and anticipation as we develop your incredible blended scent. You will not be disappointed! Just email us with your request, e-mail us at: or

Thanks - EU